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A watchman is someone who keeps a lookout or guards a particular place or thing. Synonyms for the word "watchman" include sentinel, guard, protector, observer, lookout, and custodian. Among these synonyms, a sentinel refers to a specific type of watchman who occupies a strategic position to keep watch over an area, while a guard is typically a person employed to protect a particular place or person. The term protector implies a more active role in defending against threats, while an observer may be more passive in their monitoring role. A lookout is a term typically used in the context of maritime and aviation operations. Finally, a custodian is someone who has been entrusted with protecting and preserving a particular place or thing.

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How to use "Watchman" in context?

The job of a watchman, more commonly called a night watchman, is to provide security during the night. This can entail patrolling the property, checking and resetting security systems, and making sure no one is breaking in. A watchman is also responsible for providing customer service if necessary.

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