What is another word for loop-the-loop?

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[ lˈuːpðəlˈuːp], [ lˈuːpðəlˈuːp], [ l_ˈuː_p_ð_ə_l_ˈuː_p]

The phrase "loop-the-loop" refers to a thrilling roller-coaster ride in which the car loops upside down. Some synonyms for this phrase include "corkscrew," "inversion," "vertical loop," and "loop-de-loop." A "corkscrew" is a type of loop-the-loop that twists and turns in a spiral motion. The term "inversion" describes any loop in which the rider is turned upside down. A "vertical loop" is a loop-the-loop that stands vertically and allows the rider to experience the sensation of free-falling. Finally, a "loop-de-loop" is a colloquial term for any type of loop that repeats multiple times, creating a dizzying effect. Regardless of the term used, loop-the-loops are a thrilling adventure for roller-coaster enthusiasts.

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