What is another word for iteration?

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Iteration means to repeat a process, and it is a crucial concept in many fields, including programming, engineering and mathematics. There are several synonyms for the word iteration, which can convey the same meaning in different contexts. Some of the synonyms for iteration include repetition, redoing, reiteration, repetition, reworking, renewal, rehashing, and looping. These alternatives can be more specific or general, depending on the context. For example, looping refers to the act of going through a series of steps multiple times, while renewal implies rejuvenating a process for improved performance. Overall, the synonym for iteration is dependent on the field and the type of work being done.

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How to use "Iteration" in context?

In computer science, iteration is a step-by-step process or set of procedures that is repeatedly performed, typically with the same set of values, elements, or data.

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