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Eyelet is a small but important component of clothing and fashion accessories. It is a small hole, typically reinforced with a metal ring, that is used for lacing or fastening purposes. While the word eyelet is commonly used, there are several other synonyms that are often used interchangeably. Some of these synonyms include grommet, rivet, buckle, snap, button, clasp, and hook. These synonyms can be used to refer to a variety of fastening components depending on the context and material used. Whether you are a fashion designer or simply describing an outfit, knowing these synonyms can help you communicate more effectively.

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When a shirt's neckline plunges down, it's typically tucked in at the waistline with a belt. The dainty feature on the lower part of a shirt's front is eyelet. Eyelets were once sewn onto a shirt's inner front panel and served as a way to keep the neckline in place. Today, eyelets are mostly seen on vintage clothing. A shirt with eyelets has a circular area that appears to be pleated and is above the belt line. It's less visible when the shirt is tucked in, but the dainty detail is there.

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