What is another word for macao?

Pronunciation: [mˈaka͡ʊ] (IPA)

Macao is a well-known tourist destination in Asia and is often referred to by various synonyms. Some of the synonyms for Macao are Macau, Aomen, and Ao-men. The word Macau is the popularized name for Macao, and it's often used interchangeably. Aomen, on the other hand, is the transliteration of Macao in Mandarin Chinese, while Ao-men is its counterpart in Cantonese. Additionally, the word "Oyster Island," coined by the Portuguese during their discovery of Macao in the sixteenth century, is also sometimes used as another name for this city. Ultimately, no matter how it's called, Macao remains a beloved destination for tourists worldwide.

Synonyms for Macao:

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    Macau Other relevant words (noun):

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    tourist attraction, coastal city, Pearl of the Orient, Portuguese Colony, Special Administrative Region of China, gambling destination.

Usage examples for Macao

"Captain," said he, "the chief is about to carry you and me, and this French lady, to macao, where he hopes to get a heavy ransom for us."
"A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas"
Fanny Loviot
October twenty-sixth three Japanese magnates who had joined Hideyori against Ieyasu were discovered to be Christians, and were shipped off to macao.
David Murray
After having received on board a quantity of rattan, as private trade for the captain, we made sail and arrived at macao, on January 26th, 1821, after a long and tedious voyage.
"Narrative of a Voyage to India; of a Shipwreck on board the Lady Castlereagh; and a Description of New South Wales"
W. B. Cramp

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