What is another word for magnetically?

Pronunciation: [maɡnˈɛtɪkli] (IPA)

When it comes to words that are similar in meaning to "magnetically," there are several options to choose from. One might consider the word "attractively," which has a similar connotation of drawing things towards one another, but can also have a more general appeal or charm to it. Another option could be "electromagnetically," which suggests something related to the electromagnetic force used in electricity and physics. Alternatively, one might consider "intensely" as a synonym for "magnetically," conveying a strong pull or attraction. Overall, there are many words to choose from that have similar meanings to "magnetically," each with their own subtle differences in tone and connotation.

Usage examples for Magnetically

Bridemaids became magnetically conscious that an incongruous element had entered; so they tittered.
"Put Yourself in His Place"
Charles Reade
The artists thought her distinctly good-looking even now, and perhaps, after being repulsed in their quest for bed and board, drifted off into an idle dream of how they might have met her a few years ago when they were less famous but more magnetically attractive.
"The Devil's Garden"
W. B. Maxwell
This refers to her intention to say something, which never fructified; but somehow got communicated, magnetically perhaps, to Dr. Conrad.
"Somehow Good"
William de Morgan

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