What is another word for enigmatically?

Pronunciation: [ˌɛnɪɡmˈatɪkli] (IPA)

Enigmatically is a word that refers to something that is mystifying or puzzling in nature. It can be used to describe a person, behavior, or situation that is difficult to understand. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of enigmatically, including enigmatic, mysterious, perplexing, cryptic, and inscrutable. All of these words convey a similar sense of intrigue and ambiguity. Enigmatic suggests a quality of being inexplicable or obscure, while mysterious implies an element of secrecy or concealed meaning. Perplexing is used to describe something that is bewildering or confusing, while cryptic suggests an element of hidden or coded meaning. Inscrutable connotes the idea of being impossible to comprehend or interpret.

Usage examples for Enigmatically

"What's bred in the bone will come out in the blood," she quoted enigmatically.
"Garrison's Finish A Romance of the Race-Course"
W. B. M. Ferguson
"Oh, I've got a proper way out of my troubles," he answered enigmatically.
"A Poached Peerage"
William Magnay
All this sounds enigmatically enough, Mr. Nelligan; but you will extend your patience to me for a short while, and I hope to repay it."
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever

Famous quotes with Enigmatically

  • Great Britain is certainly suspect to Americans. They cannot make head or tail of her. She is a stuck-up old girl who owes a lot of money - an odd thing for such a highly respectable old lady to do. She is rather flighty, which is alarming in one so old - she never seems quite serious, that is - goes into giggles all of a sudden, or smiles enigmatically, if politely. She seems to the average American slightly phoney. Let us face up to that. She has many habits which baffle and put one on one's guard - the curious way she has of speaking English with a foreign accent, for instance. Then she must be the most quarrelsome old dame which ever stepped: always - umbrella in hand - getting into scraps with her neighbours, and spitting at them over the garden wall.
    Wyndham Lewis

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