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[ mˈanɐnˌaŋɡə͡l], [ mˈanɐnˌaŋɡə‍l], [ m_ˈa_n_ɐ_n_ˌa_ŋ_ɡ_əl]

Manananggal is a popular mythical creature believed to originate from the Philippines. This vampire-like creature is known for its ability to sever its upper torso from its lower body and fly around in search of prey. Manananggal is a unique term in its own right, but there are several synonyms that describe similar creatures from other cultures. These include the penanggalan in Malaysia, the krasue in Thailand, and the leyak in Indonesia. All these creatures share similar characteristics in terms of being supernatural beings that possess the ability to separate their upper body from their lower body. Regardless of what name is used, the manananggal remains a fascinating and terrifying legend in Philippine folklore.

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