What is another word for manatee?

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[ mˈanɐtˌiː], [ mˈanɐtˌiː], [ m_ˈa_n_ɐ_t_ˌiː]

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    How to use "Manatee" in context?

    The gentle giant of the ocean, the manatee is a very interesting creature. They are the third largest mammal in the world, after the elephant and the whale. Their name comes from the Spanish word manatí, which means "pumpkin Leaf". They are found in both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, and they usually live in warm water. They can go for up to 12 hours without drinking, and they can stay under water for up to two hours. Their primary food is algae, but they also eat small fish and crustaceans. They are very calm creatures and are not afraid of humans.

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