What is another word for manat?

Pronunciation: [m╦łanat] (IPA)

Manat is the currency used in a few countries such as Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. If you are searching for synonyms for the term "manat," you may come across words such as lira, dinar, or ruble, which are also the names of currencies used in various parts of the world. However, the manat may also be referred to as the Azerbaijani manat or the Turkmen manat, depending on the country you're talking about. Other synonyms may include legal tender or monetary unit, which are more general terms used to describe any form of currency. Regardless of the term used, it's always important to keep track of exchange rates if you're traveling to a country that uses a different currency.

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Usage examples for Manat

Sauntering in the yard whilst dinner was made ready, they read an inscription on a homely fountain: "Sordibus abstersis, instructo marmore, priscus Fons nitet, et manat gratior unda tibi."
"The Emancipated"
George Gissing

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