What is another word for manpower?

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The term "manpower" refers to the human resources required to accomplish a task or job. Some synonyms for this term include workforce, personnel, staff, labor, employees and manpower pool. In a business setting, these synonyms can be used interchangeably to refer to the individuals who make up a company's work environment. "Manpower" is commonly used in a military or industrial context, while "workforce" and "personnel" are more general terms. "Staff" can refer to a group of people who are working together, while "labor" is a term that is oftentimes used when referring to physical or manual work. "Employees" and "manpower pool" are both more formal terms that describe individuals who are employed by a company.

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Usage examples for Manpower

You will have top priorities on strategic metals, manpower, and so forth.
Robert Sheckley
Now, doing all that purely by main strength and awkwardness took a lot of energy and manpower.
Johnson, Clarence Edgar
By the end of the day I was possessed with a lot of awkwardness, and all my manpower was gone.
Johnson, Clarence Edgar

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