What is another word for maternalistic?

Pronunciation: [mətˌɜːnəlˈɪstɪk] (IPA)

Maternalistic is typically used to describe behavior or attitudes that are nurturing, protective, and motherly. Some synonyms for this word are caring, compassionate, maternal, nurturing, motherly, and protective. All of these words convey a gentle and nurturing approach, which is often associated with feminine qualities. Alternative words that could be used to describe maternalistic behavior could be supportive, encouraging, comforting, tender, understanding, and loving. It's important to note that the term maternalistic can sometimes carry a negative connotation of being overly protective or interfering, so it's important to choose appropriate synonyms depending on the context and tone of the description.

Synonyms for Maternalistic:

What are the hypernyms for Maternalistic?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for maternalistic?

The term "maternalistic" implies a nurturing, caring and protective attitude towards others, especially those who are vulnerable or weaker. While there may not be specific antonyms for this word, some terms that are opposite in meaning include harsh, neglectful, indifferent, callous, and uncaring. These are characteristics that lack the warmth and compassion associated with maternalistic tendencies. Other possible antonyms include dispassionate, unemotional, impersonal, and remote, which suggest a lack of emotional involvement or engagement with others in general. It is important to note that the term maternalistic may not refer solely to women, and men can also exhibit nurturing and protective behaviors.

What are the antonyms for Maternalistic?

Usage examples for Maternalistic

So while it was desire for revenue that prompted the early sales of the public domain in the Mississippi Valley, the nation got in return not only means to help pay its Revolution debt, but, incidentally, settlements of highly individualistic, self-dependent, and interdependent pioneers, gathered about one highly paternalistic or maternalistic institution-the public school.
"The French in the Heart of America"
John Finley

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