What is another word for devoted?

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Devotion is a profound sense of dedication and loyalty towards someone or something. When we think of synonyms for the word 'devoted', words such as committed, loyal, faithful and dedicated come to mind. These words possess an intense level of commitment and a strong sense of responsibility to the object of our devotion. Other synonyms for 'devoted' include steadfast, resolute, unwavering, true-blue, devoted, and doting. Each of these synonyms conveys an unshakeable sense of loyalty and commitment. In various contexts, these synonyms capture the essence of a person's determined and faithful commitment to a particular cause, relationship, or goal.

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How to use "Devoted" in context?


The word "devoted" can have a few different meanings, depending on the context. In some cases, it means being dedicated to a cause or mission. For example, a firefighter might say that he's devoted to his job, or a mother might describe her son as devoted to his friends.

Other times, "devoted" can simply mean being very focused on something. For example, a student might be devoted to his studies, or a worker might be devoted to his job.

In general, "devoted" usually means that someone is very committed to the task at hand.

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