What is another word for metazoa?

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Metazoa is a term used to describe multicellular, eukaryotic organisms that have a well-defined tissue structure. This group of organisms includes all animals on earth except for sponges, which are classified as Parazoa. There are several synonyms for the term metazoa that are used in various branches of science. Some of these include Animalia, Kingdom Animalia, and Metazoan. These terms are commonly used in scientific literature and help to clearly define the group of organisms being referenced. Additionally, they can be helpful for individuals studying biology and related fields to understand the classification and characteristics of different groups of animals.

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    The metazoans are a group of animals that have a bilateral symmetry and a fluid-filled body. Members of this group include crustaceans, cnidarians, annelids, and flatworms. Metazoa have a three-layered water-vascular system, a single nerve ring, and a segmented body that is organized into several somatic and reproductive organs. Metazoa are classified according to their organ system, and the main divisions are based on their reproductive methods. Metazoan animals range in size from microscopic single-celled protozoa to the enormous blue whale.

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