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Mete is a verb that means to dispense, allocate or distribute something. Several synonyms can replace this word in different contexts. "Allocate" suggests assigning or apportioning resources or tasks. In contrast, "distribute" implies dividing or sharing something equitably, while "disburse" denotes the release of funds or payments. "Administer" indicates the delivery of medication, treatments, or other substances, while "apportion" refers to dividing something among several people or groups. Lastly, "dispense" entails the act of giving out or providing services, goods, or advice, particularly in a professional setting such as pharmacy or healthcare. Each synonym subtly shifts the meaning of the action being described, allowing for more precise communication.

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Mete ( pronounced: MEE-tuh; Ancient Greek: ΜέΤης) is a lunar crater that is located in the northeastern quadrant of the moon. It was named after Metis, a figure in Greek mythology. The word "mete" means "month" or "harvest", in reference to the waning gibbous moon. The crater is about 56 kilometers in diameter and was formed about 1.9 billion years ago. It is heavily worn and is overlain by the younger Megetis and Megetis West.

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