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The word "metis" is derived from Greek mythology, where it refers to a person with a mixture of divine and human qualities. In contemporary usage, the term "metis" may refer to Indigenous peoples in Canada who are of mixed Indigenous and European ancestry. There are several synonyms for "metis," including "halftoon," "mixed-blood," and "visible minority." Other terms that may be used to describe people of mixed heritage include "biracial," "multiracial," and "mixed-race." It is important to recognize the diversity and complexity of identities and experiences among individuals who may identify as "metis" or of mixed heritage, and to use language that is respectful and inclusive.

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Metis people are a distinct group of Indigenous people who originated from both the North America and Europe. They are the result of three generations of intermarriage between First Nations people and Europeans. Metis people have unique cultural traditions and experiences that make them stand out from other Indigenous people.

There are an estimated 500,000 Metis people in Canada, making up about 5% of Canadas population. Metis people are spread throughout the country, with the largest numbers living in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. In addition, Metis people are scattered throughout the United States, particularly in states like Montana, Oklahoma, and Minnesota.

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