What is another word for crossbreed?

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Crossbreed, in animal husbandry, refers to the offspring produced by interbreeding two different breeds or species. However, there are other terms that can be used interchangeably with crossbreed, such as hybrid, mixed breed, mongrel, and interbred. Hybrid is a term used when two different species are bred, such as a mule that is a hybrid of a horse and a donkey. Mixed breed is commonly used to describe dogs or cats that have more than one breed in their bloodline. Mongrel is another term that has been used to describe mixed-breed dogs, with the word often being used in a derogatory way. Interbred is a term that refers to animals that have been bred within their own breed for several generations.

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Crossbreed refers to the offspring of two different breeds or species. In contrast, purebred refers to an individual animal whose parents and ancestors belong to the same breed. Other antonyms for crossbreed include unmixed, homogeneous, and uniform. Unmixed refers to an individual that bears the traits of a single breed or type. Homogeneous also implies sameness or uniformity, but not necessarily purebred. Uniform emphasizes the qualities that define a particular breed and the consistent characteristics of its members. All of these antonyms contrast with crossbreed by emphasizing the absence of genetic mixing or variability.

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