What is another word for misappropriations?

Pronunciation: [mɪsɐpɹˌə͡ʊpɹɪˈe͡ɪʃənz] (IPA)

Misappropriations refers to the improper or illegal use of someone else's money or resources. Some synonyms of this word include embezzlement, theft, diversion, misapplication, and appropriation. Embezzlement involves stealing or diverting funds that have been entrusted to the offender, while theft involves taking someone else's property without their permission. Diversion refers to using funds for an unauthorized purpose, and misapplication involves using funds for a different purpose than initially intended. Appropriation refers to taking or using someone else's property or resources without their permission. All of these synonyms reflect the act of using resources illegally or inappropriately, and can carry serious legal and ethical implications.

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Usage examples for Misappropriations

Of course his object is to prevent any thing of that kind, which would be so ruinous to him, and therefore he will keep you shut up, if possible, as long as he lives; but if you should adopt this way of escape, Miss Dalton, you would turn the tables at once; and if, as I have understood is the case, he has made any misappropriations of money, or defalcations of any kind, he will be bound to make them good, to the uttermost farthing.
"The Living Link"
James De Mille

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