What is another word for thieving?

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Thieving, which is to steal, is a serious crime that involves taking away someone's property without their permission. There are different words that can be used to describe the act of thieving, and some of these include stealing, pilfering, plundering, looting, embezzling, and swindling. Stealing entails taking away something that belongs to someone else without permission, while pilfering is taking small items in a sneaky manner. Plundering involves ransacking a place for valuables, looting is stealing during a war or riot, embezzling is stealing money entrusted to one's care while swindling is deceiving someone into giving away their property. These words are useful to describe the different degrees of theft.

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    Thieving is a criminal activity where an individual steals property or money from another person. It is a crime that can happen in any setting, including homes, businesses, and public places. theft can be categorized into three main categories: property theft, financial theft, and theft of services. Property theft refers to taking property that does not belong to the thief, such as looting or vandalism. Financial theft refers to taking property or money that does belong to the thief, such as shoplifting or stealing from an account. Theft of services refers to taking property or services that are not meant to be taken, such as pick pocketing or industrial espionage.

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