What is another word for appropriations?

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Appropriations refer to the allocation of funds or resources for a specific purpose. There are several synonyms for the word appropriations that can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the situation. These synonyms include provisions, allotments, grants, assignments, budgets, funds, grants, and subsidies. Each of these words connotes the idea of setting aside resources or money for a particular use. For instance, a government agency may allocate a budget for research and development; an organization may set aside funds for charity work, or a company may grant an academic scholarship. Therefore, understanding the synonyms for the word appropriations enables one to use language effectively in various communication contexts.

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How to use "Appropriations" in context?

On an artistic level, appropriating another culture's aesthetic can be a very effective way of communicating a message. It can help to bridge a gap between two cultures, and can help to create a more understanding society.

However, appropriation can also be seen as a form of cultural theft. When a culture's items, symbols, or tunes are taken without consent or payment, it can feel like a form of humiliation.

There are a number of ways in which cultures can be appropriated. One example is the use of traditional dress in a fashion show.

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