What is another word for movie house?

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[ mˈuːvi hˈa͡ʊs], [ mˈuːvi hˈa‍ʊs], [ m_ˈuː_v_i h_ˈaʊ_s]

The phrase "movie house" has been around for a long time. These days, though, there are many other terms that can be used to refer to a place where one goes to watch movies. Some synonyms for the phrase "movie house" include cinema, theater, picture palace, multiplex, and movie theater. In addition to these terms, other less common options include silver screen, bijou, nickelodeon, and cinema studio. Ultimately, the term used to describe a place where one goes to watch movies may depend on personal preference, regional dialect, or the particular context in which it is being used.

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