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Deck, a common word used to refer to a flat surface designed for outdoor use, has various synonyms that can be used interchangeably. Some of these synonyms include porch, terrace, veranda, patio, balcony, and boardwalk. A porch and veranda are architectural structures that extend from the main house while a terrace is a flat surface built at a higher level than the ground. A balcony is a flat surface that projects from a building while a patio is an outdoor space within a home that's used for relaxation and entertainment. A boardwalk is a wooden walkway that's usually erected along the beach or any waterfront area for easy access. These different synonyms for the word 'deck' are useful in diverse settings and should be employed for smooth communication.

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Deck: A descriptive word for the complete playing surface of a card game, including all the cards and any markers or dice used.

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