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Oaks refer to trees belonging to the genus Quercus. However, there are different types of oaks, each having their unique characteristics. Some common synonyms for oaks include hardwoods, deciduous trees, and evergreens. Other synonyms may also include chestnut oak, black oak, white oak, and live oak. These synonyms are often used to describe the different species of oaks that exist in different regions worldwide. Oaks are sturdy and long-lived trees that are popular for their use in construction and furniture making. Their strong wood and rich grain patterns make them a favorite among carpenters and builders alike.

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    An Oak is a genus of deciduous trees in the beech family. There are about 120 living species in 10 genera, all of which are native to the Northern Hemisphere. Oaks are the only genus in the beech family with representatives in the Southern Hemisphere. Oaks are medium to large deciduous trees, typically 40-100 m tall, with a trunk diameter of 2-6 m. The leaves are alternate, compound, 2-6 m long and 0-2 m broad, with a serrated margin. The flowers are catkins borne in spring on long stalked pedicels.

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