What is another word for mukluks?

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[ mˈʌklʌks], [ mˈʌklʌks], [ m_ˈʌ_k_l_ʌ_k_s]

Mukluks are a type of warm and cozy boots, typically worn in cold weather conditions. These boots are made of materials such as leather or suede and are lined with fur or fleece for added warmth. Mukluks are often associated with traditional Native American footwear, but they have been adapted and modified over time to suit modern fashion. Synonyms for mukluks include snow boots, winter boots, cold weather boots, fur-lined boots, and Eskimo boots. Each of these terms refers to footwear that provides warmth and comfort in cold and snowy conditions and shares some similarities with mukluks. Whether you call them mukluks or any of their synonyms, these boots are a fashionable and practical choice for any winter wardrobe.

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Usage examples for Mukluks

The mukluks, with walrus-hide soles, were composed of the silver-padded feet of many lynxes.
"Smoke Bellew"
Jack London
He was a right nice feller, said Fraser, but I'm glad I ain't in his mukluks.
"The Silver Horde"
Rex Beach
"Quick-brandy," says she, slashing at his stiff "mukluks."
Rex Beach

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