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The word "clog" is often used to describe a situation or object that is obstructed or blocked, either literally or figuratively. Synonyms for clog include hinder, impede, obstruct, jam, congest, and block. In a physical sense, clogs are often associated with footwear, which makes it difficult to move quickly or comfortably. Other synonyms for clog include bog down, slow down, and tie up. In a figurative sense, clogs can refer to mental or emotional obstacles, such as fear, anxiety, or doubt. Synonyms for clog in this sense include hinder, obstruct, impede, and stymie.

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Clogging is the name given to a situation in which a pipe becomes blocked with debris, causing water to flow slower or not at all. This can lead to sewage backup and the build-up of soapsuds and other filth in the pipe. It can also cause flooding if the pipe overflows.

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  • clague.

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