What is another word for muntjac?

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Muntjac is a word commonly used to refer to a small deer species that belongs to the genus Muntiacus. However, there are several other words that can be used as synonyms for this term. These include barking deer, kakar, rib-faced deer, and Reeves's muntjac. Barking deer is a commonly used term as muntjacs produce a barking sound instead of the typical bellows and roars of larger deer species. Kakar is another synonym that is popularly used in South Asia, particularly in India. Rib-faced deer refers to the distinct ridges on the face of these deer species, while Reeves's muntjac is a specific subspecies of the muntjac deer that is commonly found in China.

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    Muntjac, also known as the Muntiacus okinawanus, is a species of deer that is found in East Asia. It is the most common deer in China and the second most common deer in Japan. Muntjac are browsers and prefer to browse high-quality vegetation.

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