What is another word for platypus?

Pronunciation: [plˈatɪpəs] (IPA)

A platypus is an unusual animal native to Australia. Synonyms for platypus include duck-billed platypus, water mole, and ornithorhynchus anatinus. Its unique features, such as its bill resembling a duck, webbed feet, and ability to lay eggs, make it a fascinating creature. Platypuses are also known for their ability to sense electrical impulses to detect prey while hunting underwater. Unfortunately, due to habitat loss and pollution, the platypus population is declining. Efforts are being made to protect this endangered species and increase awareness of their importance in the ecosystem.

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Usage examples for Platypus

There I found him again, still reading-Swedenborg this time-with most of the old things about him, including the Duck-billed platypus; for nobody, apparently, had shown sufficient interest in them.
"Waiting for Daylight"
Henry Major Tomlinson
It is called a platypus-there wuz four on 'em.
"Samantha at the World's Fair"
Marietta Holley
Water-rats sported in the lily-bespangled stream, and a platypus basked, on the bank.
"Tropic Days"
E. J. Banfield

Famous quotes with Platypus

  • Do you think God gets stoned? I think so... look at the platypus.
    Robin Williams

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