What is another word for nacre?

Pronunciation: [nˈakə] (IPA)

Nacre is also known as mother-of-pearl or pearl essence. It is an organic-inorganic composite material produced by some mollusks as an inner shell layer. The color of nacre varies depending on the species of mollusk that produced it and the environment they lived in. Some synonyms for nacre include abalone shell, clam shell, and oyster shell. Other words that are similar in meaning to nacre are iridescence, luster, and sheen. Some related adjectives to describe nacre are pearlescent, opalescent, and shimmering. Nacre has been used for thousands of years in various forms of art and jewelry, and its durability and beauty make it a highly sought-after material.

What are the hypernyms for Nacre?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Nacre

Out of curiosity, he scraped the inner coating of one of the larger shells and found layer upon layer of nacre, or mother of pearl, which crumbled away from the knife.
"The Second String"
Nat Gould
If a pearl-secreting oyster be inherently robust, its defence against assault from without may consist of the strengthening of the interior at the point of attack by deposits of nacre.
"Tropic Days"
E. J. Banfield
Such pearls originate, no doubt, in the ordinary way, but, becoming an intolerable nuisance on account of increasing size, are confined in nacre.
"Tropic Days"
E. J. Banfield

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