What is another word for granite?

Pronunciation: [ɡɹˈanɪt] (IPA)

Granite is a natural stone that has been around for centuries and is known for its durability and toughness. Common synonyms for granite include stone, rock, boulder, and pebble. Other words that can be used as synonyms for granite include igneous rock, bedrock, solid rock, and hardstone. Different types of granite stones are used for buildings, monuments, memorials, and landscaping. Some of the most popular granite types include black granite, pink granite, and white granite. The beauty and unique features of granite have made it a popular choice for homeowners and builders alike. Whether used for kitchen countertops or decorative garden stones, granite is a symbol of strength, resilience, and longevity.

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What are the opposite words for granite?

Granite is a hard and durable rock that is often used in construction and architecture. Antonyms for granite are words that have the opposite meaning or properties of this popular rock type. Softer alternatives to granite include sandstone, limestone, and marble, which are more porous and can be more easily damaged. Synthetic materials such as laminate or quartz are also the opposite in terms of composition and properties, as they are made of synthetic or engineered material. Additionally, materials like clay or mud are also antonyms for granite, as they have a completely different texture, consistency, and structural integrity.

Usage examples for Granite

Some of the local attractions of the city are the National Museum, built of granite and marble in the Venetian Renaissance style, the Academy of Sciences, the Art Museum, the Town Hall, and the Royal Palace; but we will not weary the reader with detailed accounts of them.
"Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia"
Maturin M. Ballou
The mineralogist's analysis of granite ends here.
James Geikie
How may granite be at one and the same time a metamorphic and igneous rock?
James Geikie

Famous quotes with Granite

  • Hell is paved with great granite blocks hewn from the hearts of those who said, I can do no other.
    Heywood Broun
  • The block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak, became a stepping-stone in the pathway of the strong.
    Thomas Carlyle
  • The first four months of writing the book, my mental image is scratching with my hands through granite. My other image is pushing a train up the mountain, and it's icy, and I'm in bare feet.
    Mary Higgins Clark
  • Stupidity is something unshakable; nothing attacks it without breaking itself against it; it is of the nature of granite, hard and resistant.
    Gustave Flaubert
  • Many parts of the granite statues were found, the most important of which had features close to Ramses II. The statue needs some restoration and weighs between four and five tons.
    Zahi Hawass

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