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Rainbow is a stunning meteorological phenomenon that occurs in the skies when light is refracted in droplets of water. A synonym for rainbow can be prismatic since it exhibits a range of colors. Another term that closely resembles the rainbow is iridescence, which echoes the same beauty that characterizes this natural phenomenon. Other synonyms for rainbow include chromatic, spectrum, and polychromatic. Chromatic and polychromatic allude to many colors that characterize the rainbow while spectrum refers to the broad range of colors on display. In general, these synonyms capture the brilliance and colorful display of the rainbow, thus enhancing its awe-inspiring characteristic in human imagination.

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How to use "Rainbow" in context?

What is a rainbow? A rainbow is a colorful arc formed by the Sun's light when it strikes a raindrop. Rainbows are seen in the sky during rain, snow, or mist.

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      Rayed, arc-en-ciel.
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