What is another word for ne'er?

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The word "ne'er" is a contraction of "never" and is commonly used in poetry or old-fashioned literature to express a negative meaning. However, many words can be used as synonyms for "ne'er" to provide a more diverse range of options. Some synonyms for "ne'er" are "nevermore," "not ever," "never again," "at no time," and "never a one." These alternatives can add variation to your writing while still providing the same negative connotation as "ne'er." It's essential to keep in mind the tone of your writing and the context in which you're using "ne'er" or its synonyms to ensure your message is conveyed effectively.

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    The word "ne'er" means "never." This is a very important word to remember because it can help you avoid making mistakes. It is also a very important word to use when you are talking to other people because it shows that you are polite and you respect their opinions.

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