What is another word for always?

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[ ˈɔːlwe͡ɪz], [ ˈɔːlwe‍ɪz], [ ˈɔː_l_w_eɪ_z]

The word "always" is a commonly used term that highlights consistency and continuity. However, other phrases can be used instead to convey similar meanings. For instance, the phrases "constantly," "forever," "endlessly," and "invariably" could be used. "Perpetually," "regularly," "consistently," and "eternally" are other phrases that highlight ongoingness and unceasingness. Similarly, "incessantly," "unceasingly," "persistently," and "uninterruptedly" indicate uninterrupted and continuous actions or events. Whether in writing, speaking, or expressing oneself in any other way, utilizing different words to describe "always" helps to avoid repetition and add variation to one's language.

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    Always remember to put your safety first. If there is an emergency, always pull over and stop the car. If you can't do that, turn on your hazard lights and drive to the nearest safe place.

    Always clean your car. It makes it look nicer, it saves you time, and it helps the environment.

    Always dress for the occasion. No one wants to see you in shorts and a t-shirt at a formal dinner.

    Always try to be positive. It can be hard, but it will make your life a lot smoother.

    Always create lasting memories.

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