What is another word for Neediness?

Pronunciation: [nˈiːdɪnəs] (IPA)

Neediness is a term that describes an individual's dependency on external factors for emotional, financial, or other support. Synonyms for neediness could be clinginess, desperation, dependency, craving, and helplessness. Clinginess manifests as an intense desire to be close to someone, leading to persistent attempts to maintain a relationship or avoid separation. Desperation is the feeling of hopelessness or despair caused by a lack of options or resources. Dependency implies the reliance on someone or something to function, while craving is an insatiable desire to fulfill a perceived need. Finally, helplessness is a state of vulnerability due to powerlessness over one's situation. These synonyms highlight the negative aspects of neediness and suggest that seeking help may be necessary.

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Neediness, which refers to a feeling of excessive dependency on others or a constant desire for attention and reassurance, can be contrasted with several antonyms. Independence would be an antonym for neediness, as it implies self-reliance and decreased reliance on others. Self-sufficiency would also be an antonym for neediness, suggesting an ability to take care of oneself without requiring assistance. Self-confidence would be yet another antonym for neediness, emphasizing a belief in one's own abilities without the need for constant validation from others. Finally, detachment could be considered an antonym for neediness, suggesting a willingness to let go of dependence on others and become emotionally self-sufficient.

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Usage examples for Neediness

She also knew that being desired required adhering to the rules of withdrawing from the Neediness of wanting to be linked to a man and of transforming herself into the metamorphoses of self-contained fantasies that he would desire.
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito"
Steven Sills
He hated their Neediness and as the spankings continued, Kumpee began to oppose these gestures.
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito"
Steven Sills
Burke was not fond in after life of talking about his earlier days, not because he had any false shame about the straits and hard shifts of youthful Neediness, but because he was endowed with a certain inborn stateliness of nature, which made him unwilling to waste thoughts on the less dignified parts of life.
John Morley

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