What is another word for fill?

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Fill is a versatile word that can mean to make something full or to occupy space. There are many synonyms for this word, each with its own nuance and meaning. To pack tightly or cram something full, you could use words like stuff, jam, or crowd. To put a small amount of something into a container, you might use the words scoop, spoon, or ladle. When referring to a piece of writing, words like complete, finish or expand could be used. Other options include replenish for refilling, saturate to mean completely filling, and load or stock for stocking. With so many synonyms, there's no shortage of ways to express the concept of filling something.

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    Fill is an attribute of a shape or surface that provides an extent or thickness to the shape or surface. This can be done by adding material to the shape or surface, or by removing material. The use of fill can add volume or stability to a shape or surface. When used appropriately, fill can also help a shape or surface to look more realistic.

    When it comes to 3D printing, fill can be a very important attribute. Without good fill, objects printed with 3D printing tend to look sparse and unfinished.

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