What is another word for dependency?

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Dependency refers to the state of relying on something or someone for support. Synonyms for this word include reliance, addiction, attachment, familiarity, and trust. When someone has a reliance on something or someone, they can also be said to be dependent on that thing or person. Some other synonyms for dependency could include the words subservience, obedience, necessity, and helplessness. In certain contexts, the word co-dependency may also be used - this term describes a situation where two people are mutually dependent on one another, with neither party being able to function without the other. All of these words convey the idea of needing something or someone in order to feel secure or stable.

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    In computer science, dependency is the relationship between two or more objects in a system. Dependency denotes a class of relationships between objects that are generally associated with concurrency, Asynchrony and communication (e.g. two objects are said to be dependent if one cannot run without the other). Dependencies can be formally specified as a graph with vertices representing objects and edges representing the dependencies between them.

    In practice, dependencies can be difficult to determine and can even get Byzantine. This is because dependencies can be associated with either knowledge or behaviour (e.g. two objects may be dependent on one another in order to exchange information).

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