What is another word for negotiators?

Pronunciation: [nɪɡˈə͡ʊʃɪˌe͡ɪtəz] (IPA)

Negotiators are professionals who specialize in mediation or the process of bargaining between opposing parties in order to reach a compromise or agreement. The word negotiators may also be referred to as mediators, arbitrators, conciliators, peacemakers, facilitators, or diplomats. Mediators and arbitrators are legal professionals who are trained to resolve disputes in a fair and impartial manner, while conciliators and peacemakers are skilled in conflict resolution and emotional intelligence. Facilitators are experts in creating a neutral environment where discussions can take place, while diplomats are professional negotiators who work on behalf of governments and international organizations. All of these synonyms for negotiators possess unique skills and expertise that are essential in resolving disputes and conflicts.

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Usage examples for Negotiators

Lord Selborne had retired from the Government before the negotiators went to Ireland, because he knew of the proposals and was not prepared to sanction them.
"John Redmond's Last Years"
Stephen Gwynn
Each time the negotiators had been answered with vague and ambiguous words; with those promises which potentates are not chary of, even between themselves, and which we poor mortals of the second rank call Court holy water.
"The Memoirs of Madame de Montespan, Volume VI. Being the Historic Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV."
Madame La Marquise De Montespan
The British negotiators, though they have since stated that they meant substantially to accept this proposal, sent a reply whose treatment of the conditions was understood as a refusal, and which appeared to raise further questions; and when the Transvaal went back to a previous offer, which had previously been held to furnish a basis for agreement, the British Government declined to recur to that basis, as being no longer tenable after the later offer.
"Impressions of South Africa"
James Bryce

Famous quotes with Negotiators

  • We're all negotiators.
    Leigh Steinberg
  • There are professional negotiators working for the writers and the actors, but basically you've got the writers and actors negotiating against businessmen. That's why you get rhetoric.
    Dick Wolf

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