What is another word for negotiator?

Pronunciation: [nɪɡˈə͡ʊʃɪˌe͡ɪtə] (IPA)

When it comes to negotiating, a skilled negotiator is key to a successful outcome. However, there are various synonyms that can be used to describe this role, such as mediator, arbitrator, conciliator, dealmaker, bargainer, go-between, intermediary, peacemaker, or broker. A mediator is someone who helps parties reach an agreement through communication and negotiation. An arbitrator is a neutral party who makes decisions on disputed issues. A conciliator is someone who helps parties find common ground through persuasion and compromise. A dealmaker is someone who is adept at finding and securing favorable terms. A bargainer is someone who negotiates the terms of a deal. A go-between is someone who acts as an intermediary between parties. An intermediary is someone who facilitates communication between parties. A peacemaker is someone who works to resolve conflicts and prevent further disputes. A broker is someone who acts as an agent or middleman in negotiations.

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Usage examples for Negotiator

He was to be solely a general, never a negotiator.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)"
John Holland Rose
At once he determined to ride back and make some excuse for a rupture with Austria; and only the persistent remonstrances of Berthier turned him from this mad resolve, which would forthwith have exhibited him to the world as estimating more highly the youthful promptings of destiny than the honour of a French negotiator.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)"
John Holland Rose
We may also note here that, by the extraordinary negligence of the Prussian negotiator, Marshal Kalckreuth, the subsequent convention as to the evacuation of Prussia by the French troops left open a loophole for its indefinite occupation.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)"
John Holland Rose

Famous quotes with Negotiator

  • That is where consensus-building begins-with the idea that you have your own truth, but that the negotiator on the other side of the table has his own truth as well.
    Harri Holkeri
  • Information is a negotiator's greatest weapon.
    Victor Kiam
  • In the Norse mythology Loki originally was on the side of the rest of the gods, helping them once or twice using a particularly nast forms of trickery. He was a cunning negotiator with a talent for technicalities. He was sort of the Norse equivalent of a lawyer, no doubt the reason they tied him down in a pit dripping acidic venom on him.
    Martin Terman
  • Every businessperson knows a story about a highly intelligent, highly skilled executive who was promoted into a leadership position only to fail at the job. And they also know a story about someone with solid—but not extraordinary—intellectual abilities and technical skills who was promoted into a similar position and then soared. Such anecdotes support the widespread belief that identifying individuals with the “right stuff” to be leaders is more art than science. After all, the personal styles of superb leaders vary: Some leaders are subdued and analytical; others shout their manifestos from the mountaintops. And just as important, different situations call for different types of leadership. Most mergers need a sensitive negotiator at the helm, whereas many turnarounds require a more forceful authority.
    Daniel Goleman

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