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Representative is a term that refers to someone or something that stands in for or speaks on behalf of someone or something else. This can be in the context of politics, business, law or any other area where a delegate is needed. Synonyms for representative include agent, delegate, spokesperson, envoy, ambassador, proxy, substitute, assignee, emissary, deputy and advocate. In politics, representatives are elected by the people to represent their needs and interests. In business, sales representatives are appointed to sell products or services on behalf of their company. In law, legal representatives are appointed to represent their clients in court. Whatever the context, the role of a representative is to act as a liaison between the represented and the representation.

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    Representatives are people who have been chosen to help make decisions for a group. In some cases, this might mean that they are chosen to represent a certain group of people, such as a certain race or sex. In other cases, representatives might be chosen because they have a unique perspective that can help improve the group's decisions.

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