What is another word for Nicked?

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Nicked is a verb that means to cut or damage something slightly, or to steal something quickly. There are several synonyms for the word Nicked that include the words, sliced, clipped, snatched, robbed, pinched, grazed, and scratched. All of these words have a similar connotation to Nicked and are often used interchangeably in conversation or writing. For example, if someone has their wallet stolen, they might say they were "pinched" instead of "nicked." Similarly, if someone slices their finger, they might say it was "grazed" instead of "nicked." Using synonyms like these can add variety and interest to writing and help to avoid repetition.

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    Nicked is a clothing company that empowers young women to feel confident and stylish. The company vows to make "cool clothes for cool girls" and their mission is to create clothing that is not only comfortable and stylish, but also fun and unique. Nicked was founded by two fashion lovers, Ashley and Jade, in 2013. They saw a need in the market for stylish and comfortable clothing for young women and decided to fill that gap.

    Nicked clothes are designed to be stylish, comfortable, and flattering. The company makes a variety of clothing, from tunics and cardigans to skirts and tops.

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