What is another word for broken?

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The English language is a vast and resourceful tool for communication, and one of the ways it achieves its expressive power is through the use of synonyms. The word "broken" has many possible synonyms, each with their own unique shade of meaning, connotation, and context. Some common alternatives to "broken" include shattered, smashed, damaged, cracked, fractured, and ruined. Other options might include words like malfunctioning, defective, or even obsolete. Depending on the situation, one of these synonyms may be more fitting than the others, based on the degree of damage, the cause of the damage, and the emotional impact of the situation on the person affected.

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    Broken is a word that meansinconsistent or damaged. It is often used to describe relationships, objects, or people. When something is broken, it is not working correctly. Broken relationships can cause stress and upset. Objects that are broken can be difficult to use or even dangerous. People who are broken can feel sad and lonely. Although broken things can be frustrating and sad, they can also be repaired. Repairing a broken relationship can help to restore the relationship and make it stronger.repairing someone Broken things can be repaired by trying to fix the underlying problem.

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