What is another word for not too many?

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[ nˌɒt tˈuː mɛnˌi], [ nˌɒt tˈuː mɛnˌi], [ n_ˌɒ_t t_ˈuː m_ɛ_n_ˌi]

When we want to express that there are only a few of something, we often use the phrase "not too many." However, if we want to add more variety to our vocabulary, we could use synonyms such as "a handful," "a smattering," "a sprinkling," "a couple," "a few," or "several." These words provide a more descriptive and varied way of expressing the same idea. Another option is to use quantitative terms such as "less than a dozen," "a handful," "scant," "sparse," or "limited." By using different words to express the same concept, we can add more depth and interest to our communication and avoid repetition.

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    How to use "Not too many" in context?

    One of the most commonly voiced fears is that we won't have enough resources to sustain ourselves. But is this really a legitimate fear? When we look at the state of the world and the resources that are available to us, it seems like we don't have too few resources, we have too few.

    Too few resources mean that we can't do the things that we want to do. Too few resources mean that we can't make the changes that we need to make. Too few resources means that we can't solve the problems that we face.

    So how do we handle this fear?

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