What is another word for limited?

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The word "limited" means restricted or confined in some way. There are several synonyms for this word, including "restricted," "finite," "circumscribed," "constrained," "narrow," and "exiguous." These words convey the idea of something being limited in scope, size, or quantity. Other synonyms for "limited" might include "modest," "confined," "bounded," and "restricted." These words can be used to describe anything that is limited in some way, such as a resource, an opportunity, a budget, or a space. By using synonyms for "limited," you can add variety and nuance to your writing, making it more interesting and engaging for your readers.

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When something is limited, it means it is restricted, finite or inadequate. Antonyms for limited are, boundless, infinite or limitless, expansive, extensive, or open. When an opportunity is limitless, it presents endless possibilities for growth and development. If something is expansive or extensive, it means that it has no boundaries or limitations. An open mindset one doesn't focus on what could go wrong or limits. They focus on possibilities and opportunities. So, antonyms for the word limited are an excellent way to portray a bigger, brighter picture to set free from constraints or restrictions, and unfold different horizons of life.

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