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Scarce is a word that indicates a shortage or insufficient amount of something. There are many synonyms that can be used in place of scarce, such as limited, scarce as hen's teeth, low, insufficient, rare, meager, sparse, lacking, infrequent, hard-to-find, few, scanty, bare, minimal, paltry, and inadequate. These synonyms can be used to denote a lack of resources, supplies, or products. For example, saying that a product is limited may imply that it is rare and difficult to obtain. Using synonyms for scarce can help to add variation to one's writing and make it more interesting to read.

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How to use "Scarce" in context?

The word "scarce" is an adjective meaning "scarcely available or available at a low rate." In contexts where this word is used, it typically refers to something that is in short supply and is thus economically valuable.

For example, "scarce water supplies" could refer to situations where there is not enough water available for people to use, or where water is not accessible for a significant period of time. "Scarce goods" could refer to items that are in short supply, and can thus lead tohigher prices for these goods.

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