What is another word for orthopedics?

Pronunciation: [ˌɔːθə͡ʊpˈiːdɪks] (IPA)

Orthopedics refers to the field of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of skeletal disorders, including those affecting the joints, muscles, and bones. Synonyms for the term orthopedics include orthopaedics, musculoskeletal medicine, and bone and joint surgery. Another similar term is rheumatology, which is the study of rheumatic diseases that affect the joints, muscles, and bones. Additionally, physical therapy and rehabilitation are allied health professions also concerned with the treatment and management of musculoskeletal conditions. With these synonyms, it is clear that the field of orthopedics covers a wide range of conditions related to the musculoskeletal system and requires interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Usage examples for Orthopedics

See Tobacco Normal schools, 110 North, Professor Lila V., 142 Notification of diseases, 31, 41 Nuisances, 17, 18, 23, 366 Nurses at school, 230, 286, 293, 300. See Milk Oliver, Thomas, 203 orthopedics.
"Civics and Health"
William H. Allen
I. R. Glass, Fools; Mr. Eugene Warren, Blood of the Nation; Dr. L. M. Strong, orthopedics; Hon.
"The Dark Forest"
Hugh Walpole

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