What is another word for aetiology?

Pronunciation: [ˌiːtɪˈɒləd͡ʒi] (IPA)

Aetiology refers to the study of the causes of diseases or physical disorders. When writing a scientific paper, it is important to use synonyms that can help you to diversify your writing and avoid repeating the same word over and over again. Some of the synonyms you can use include causation, etiology, causality, pathogenesis, origin, and genesis. By using different synonyms, you convey the same meaning more creatively, and your work becomes more engaging to the reader. Other synonyms for aetiology include explanation, source, factor, and roots. Each of these synonyms adds a unique flavor to your work and helps you to write more intelligently.

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Usage examples for Aetiology

Let us get at once to the practical part-the therapeutics of the case, omitting its aetiology: You're going to take the young lady to Italy.
"The Woman Who Did"
Grant Allen
Histology, morphology, and aetiology are whims too costly for impecunious students.
"At the Mercy of Tiberius"
August Evans Wilson
With the latter part of this cry one must sympathize, much as a doctor does with the wail of the parent who calls him in to cure his sick child-we need not stop to classify or compare the motives of the parent and the cultivator, and perhaps I had done better to select a breeder of sheep with his flock and a veterinary doctor in the illustration, but we will let it pass; and as regards the former part of the cry, I do not know that the plant-doctor can expect the cultivator to be initiated in the aetiology of the disease any more than the physician expects the parent to understand the biology of the typhoid bacillus.
"Disease in Plants"
H. Marshall Ward

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