What is another word for cytology?

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Cytology is the study of cells, but there are a variety of synonyms that can be used in different contexts. For example, cell biology may be used to describe the study of cellular structures, functions, and processes. Histology is another synonym that pertains to the study of the microscopic structures and tissues of organisms. Cytogenetics may be used to describe the study of chromosomes and their relationship to cellular function and disease. Cellular pathology is a synonym used to describe the study of cellular structures and function in disease states. Finally, molecular biology may be used to describe the study of the biological molecules within cells, including DNA, RNA, and proteins.

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    Cytology refers to the study of cells, their structure, and function. It is also known as cell biology. The antonyms for cytology would be non-cellular or non-biological studies. These could include disciplines such as astronomy, physics or mathematics. While these fields may not deal with cells directly, they are still important areas of research that contribute to our understanding of the world around us. Other antonyms could also include studies that do not focus on the micro level, such as ecology or macroeconomics, which deal with larger systems and structures rather than individual cells.

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    Usage examples for Cytology

    With all its mastery of the laws of heredity, of cytology, and of embryology, it cannot tell why a man is a man, and a dog is a dog.
    "The Breath of Life"
    John Burroughs
    cytology - basic principles must be understood by the teacher but he should not have to spend one whole half year to acquire them.
    "Adequate Preparation for the Teacher of Biological Sciences in Secondary Schools"
    James Daley McDonald
    Though the particular views he advocated have very largely proved incompatible with the observed facts of heredity, yet we must acknowledge that it was chiefly through the stimulus of Weismann's ideas that those advances in cytology were made; and though the doctrine of the continuity of germ-plasm cannot be maintained in the form originally propounded, it is in the main true and illuminating.
    "Darwin and Modern Science"
    A.C. Seward and Others

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