What is another word for blueprint?

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A blueprint usually refers to a detailed plan or design that is used as a guide for construction or implementation. There are several synonyms to this word, such as a draft, a layout, or a scheme. Another common term used for blueprint is a master plan, which refers to the overarching strategy or vision for a project or initiative. A blueprint can also be called a prototype, as it serves as an initial model that is further refined and developed. Other possible synonyms include a framework, a roadmap, or a blueprinting. Regardless of the term used, a detailed plan is essential for success in any project or endeavor.

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    Blueprints are typically one of the first steps in the design process for a new building or product. They are a diagram or drawing created to help with the construction or manufacturing of a particular object. In the field of architecture, a blueprint is the primary tool used to communicate the design intent of a building or structural system to the structural engineer.

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