What is another word for pachyderm?

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[ pˈat͡ʃa͡ɪdəm], [ pˈat‍ʃa‍ɪdəm], [ p_ˈa_tʃ_aɪ_d_ə_m]

Pachyderm, originally derived from the Greek language, refers to a large, thick-skinned mammal. While the term is often associated with elephants, many other animals fit the description, including rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, and even walruses. Due to the wide variety of animals, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe a pachyderm. For example, the word "megafauna" can be used to describe any large animal, including pachyderms. Other synonyms include "jumbo," "giant," and "colossus." Despite the various terms that can be used to describe pachyderms, they are all unique and fascinating creatures that deserve to be respected and protected.

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    Usage examples for Pachyderm

    Now as the man could run fast and from time to time another took his place and the elephant had to use a lot of effort in turning corners, it soon became evident that the big pachyderm was tiring of the exercise.
    "The Boy Aviators in Africa"
    Captain Wilbur Lawton
    All of them had heard that an ordinary leaden bullet will not penetrate the tough thick skin of the great "pachyderm."
    "Popular Adventure Tales"
    Mayne Reid
    "Kind of Silurian an' solemn, ain't it," he murmured, "the moon shinin' onto the rump of that primeval pachyderm.
    "The Maids of Paradise"
    Robert W. (Robert William) Chambers

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