What is another word for Palterer?

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[ pˈɒltəɹə], [ pˈɒltəɹə], [ p_ˈɒ_l_t_ə_ɹ_ə]

Palterer is someone who tells lies or acts in a deceitful manner. This word can be replaced by several synonyms that have similar meanings. Some of the synonyms are prevaricator, fabricator, deceiver, dissembler, and equivocator. A prevaricator is a person who intentionally deceives others by telling lies. A fabricator is a person who creates elaborate lies and stories to deceive others. A deceiver is someone who hoodwinks others by tricking them into believing something that is not true. A dissembler is someone who tries to conceal their true motives or intentions. An equivocator is a person who uses ambiguous language to deceive others. Overall, these synonyms are useful in describing a person who is not truthful in their actions or words.

How to use "Palterer" in context?

The word "Palterer" comes from a Middle English word meaning "to feed horses with hay." The earliest known record of this occupation dates back to 1000 AD. Palterers worked in stables and fed horses supplemental feed and hay, as well as cleaning their stalls and riding equipment.

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