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The word "joker" can be defined as a person who is constantly making jokes or playing pranks. This word has many synonyms, including prankster, jester, comedian, buffoon, clown, and humorist. A prankster is someone who enjoys playing practical jokes on others, while a jester is a witty performer who entertains an audience. The term comedian is used to describe someone who is skilled in making people laugh, while a buffoon is a clumsy or ridiculous person who amuses others. A clown is a performer who wears distinctive makeup and clothes and behaves in a comical way. Finally, a humorist is someone who uses humor to amuse or entertain others.

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The joker is a jesterlike character in classical mythology used as a symbol of chaos and disorder. He is typically clad in a bright green suit with a wide-brimmed black hat, and he often carries a smile and a cane. The Joker has appeared in numerous films, television shows, and comics, usually as a nemesis or antihero of the title character.

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